Staff Directory


Photo of Paul Bauche

Mr. Paul Bauche


Photo of Robert Burzminski

Mr. Robert Burzminski


Administrative Assistant

Photo of Kim Goodyear

Kim Goodyear

Student Records

Photo of Maria Pancoast

Maria Pancoast

Admin Support

Support Staff

Photo of Rebecca Jackiw

Rebecca Jackiw


Photo of Donna Schlosser

Donna Schlosser

Journeyman Hairstylist


Photo of Janice Laing

Janice Laing

Academic Counsellor/Phys Ed/ Sports Medicine/Sr. Girls Basketball Coach

Phone: 403 527-8161

Photo of Pat Weisgerber

Pat Weisgerber

Academic Counsellor/Music


Photo of Deanna Burzminski

Deanna Burzminski

Social Studies

Photo of Michelle Christensen

Michelle Christensen

Biology/Science Department

Photo of Colin Desnoyers

Colin Desnoyers

Religion/Phys Ed/TLC

Photo of Tara Ensz

Tara Ensz

Fine Arts/English

Photo of Laura Erickson

Laura Erickson


Photo of Haylee Fernetti

Haylee Fernetti

Science/St. Joseph's Education Centre/Sr. Girls Volleyball coach

Photo of Dara Gill

Dara Gill


Photo of Roy Graf

Roy Graf

CTS Shop/Religion

Photo of Stephanie Grisbrook

Stephanie Grisbrook


Photo of Amber Hamilton

Amber Hamilton


Photo of Krista Johnson

Krista Johnson


Photo of Emma Johnston

Emma Johnston

Social Studies/French as a Second Language/French Immersion

Photo of Sean Kelly

Sean Kelly


Photo of Jole Krassman

Jole Krassman

Phys Ed/English/Football Coach

Photo of Janice Laing

Janice Laing

Phys Ed/ Sports Medicine/Academic Counsellor/Sr Girls Basketball Coach

Photo of DonnaMae Melle

DonnaMae Melle

Math Lead

Photo of BJ Melle

BJ Melle

PE/Social Studies/Fitness & performance/Sr. Boys Basketball Coach

Photo of Kim Miller

Kim Miller

English/Social Studies

Photo of Lynette Pancoast

Lynette Pancoast


Photo of Kimberly Peterson

Kimberly Peterson


Photo of Dakota Ruschkowski

Dakota Ruschkowski

Physics/Phys Ed/Boys JV Volleyball Coach

Photo of Paul Schlosser

Paul Schlosser

Social Studies/Baseball Academy

Photo of Tom Shemko

Tom Shemko


Photo of Rylee Shulson

Rylee Shulson

Cosmetology/Work Experience/RAP

Photo of Jared Stepp

Jared Stepp


Photo of Natasha Taylor

Natasha Taylor

Special Ed. Facilitator/Social Studies/Student Council

Photo of Pat Weisgerber

Pat Weisgerber

Academic Counselor/Band/Choral

Photo of Brook White

Brook White

Chemistry/Media/Podcast Club/Outdoor Excursions


Photo of Kathy Marchant

Kathy Marchant

Cyber School

Learning Assistants

Photo of Michelle Campbell

Michelle Campbell

Photo of Dawn Goldsmith

Dawn Goldsmith

Photo of Carrie Potter

Carrie Potter

Student Services

Photo of Const. Keegan Clarke

Const. Keegan Clarke

Police Resource Officer

Photo of Justine Fiegler

Justine Fiegler


Photo of Deni Watson

Deni Watson

Mental Health Consultant


Photo of Diane MacDonald

Diane MacDonald

Business Manager


placeholder image for Osvaldo Batuyong

Osvaldo Batuyong

placeholder image for Corrine MillerFeasey

Corrine MillerFeasey

placeholder image for Vesna Muzur

Vesna Muzur

placeholder image for Todd Weimer

Todd Weimer

Head Custodian


placeholder image for Cross Country

Cross Country

Coach - Jared Stepp

placeholder image for Senior Football

Senior Football

Coach- Jole Krassman

placeholder image for McCoy Golf

McCoy Golf

Coach- Rob Burzminski

placeholder image for Boys JV Volleyball

Boys JV Volleyball

Coach - Dakota Ruschkowski

placeholder image for Boys SV Volleyball

Boys SV Volleyball

Coach- Rob Burzminski

placeholder image for Girls JV Volleyball

Girls JV Volleyball

Coaches- Kassie Bourassa

placeholder image for Girls SV Volleyball

Girls SV Volleyball

Coaches- Taylyn Weisgerber & Haylee Fernetti