Science General

Science 14

Science 14 is a general introductory course to biology, chemistry and physics, and the application of science to everyday life. The course is designed to meet the needs and interests of students who want the basic requirements for a high school diploma. It may be offered in a modularized independent study format.

5 Credit Course- Prerequisite: None

Science 10

Science 10 is an introductory academic course designed to provide a means of showing the connections among the scientific disciplines. The course is organized as units in integrated science, biology, chemistry and physics Students take part in laboratory investigations and problem-solving strategies designed to involve the students as active participants in their own learning.

5 Credit Course- Prerequisite: 55% in Science 9

Science 10-4, 20-4

This course sequence is designed to provide for the development of essential knowledge, skills and attitudes required in everyday life situations and the world of work. Themes for study are: Understanding Our Environment, Using Materials and Products, Technology at Work and Life Forms and Changes.

5 Credit Course

Science 24

Science 24 continues the study of biology, chemistry, and physics and their application in everyday life. It may be offered in a modularized independent study format.

5 Credit Course- Prerequisite: 50% in Science 14

Science 20

Science 20 is a general academic science course covering material in Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Geology.  This course is designed for non-Science majors and leads only to Science 30.

5 Credit Course- Recommended Prerequisite: 60% in Science 10, 60% in Math 10C

Science 30

Science 30 is a generalized academic science course including biology, chemistry and physics. There is some study of living systems, genetics, acids and bases, organic chemistry, light, alternative energy and the environmental impact of these components.

5 Credit Course- Recommended Prerequisite: 60% in Biology 20 Or Chemistry 20 or Physics 20 or 60% in Science 20