Our School

Grades Taught

10 - 12


Monsignor McCoy dedicated his life by serving Southern Alberta by bringing the Church to the people and the people to Church. The spirit and enthusiasm of Monsignor McCoy lives on in all who pass through the halls of McCoy.


Paul Bauche


"Luctor et Emergo" Struggle and Emerge


In partnership with family, church and community, we provide Catholic Education of the highest quality to our students.

Vision Statement

McCoy High School strives to promote academic excellence in all of its students. The school incorporates an integrated approach to education involving the student, home, community and parish. The school aspires to improve the intellectual, physical, social and spiritual well-being of all students and staff. McCoy High School recognizes its students as responsible individuals who lead by example and are committed to high moral and ethical standards.

Catholic Traditions

Each school day, a staff member or student leads our school community with a prayer. During prayer, everyone is expected to reverently listen. Celebrations are part of our Catholic heritage and we encourage all students to participate.

Student Prayer

God, grant that I may not criticize my neighbours until I have walked a mile in their shoes.

School Song

From the halls of McCoy High School comes a loud, victorious yell, for in all our recreation, our students do excel. We will fight you to the bitter end for the honor of our school for the game is taken in our stride, cause that's our golden rule. Rah! Rah! Rah!e