Career and Life Management (CALM)

This course includes 3 broad areas of study.

  • Personal Choices – a brief review of communication skills, healthy lifestyles and choices, conflict resolution, and relationships.
  • Career and Life Choices – an in-depth look at careers, career choices, career planning, and how to get and keep a job. Resume, covering letter and application form preparation are a major focus.
  • Resource Choices – a detailed look at choices and challenges facing students as they prepare to move away from home. Budgeting, credit, banking, consumerism, insurance and investment choices will be covered in this section.

Career and Life Management is a required course for a High School Diploma.

This is a 3 Credit Course. Students will also complete HCS3000 during their CALM course.  This will allow them to earn 4 credits in this course, and be able to earn Work Experience credits in the future.