The Math - 1 stream is appropriate for students intending to pursue further math-related studies at the university level. Recommended prerequisite mark for movement to the next course in this stream is 65%.

The Math - 2 stream is appropriate for students intending to go to post secondary institutions AND enroll in programs that are not Math related.

The Math - 3 stream focus on basic mathematical understanding and when completed will fulfill graduation requirements.

Advanced Placement - Pre-AP Mathematics 10C, 20-1, 30-1 & Math 31AP

This program is designed for students wishing to obtain university level math during their grade 12 year. Students begin in grade 10 by taking an accelerated 10-1 course and finish both 20-1 and 30-1 in their grade 11 year. AP students then complete a university accepted calculus course in grade 12.

5 Credit Course

Mathematics 10 Combined (Math 10C)

Math 10 Combined is the starting point for both the Mathematics-1 and Mathematics-2 course sequences. Students who aren't sure  which course sequence they want to follow right out of junior high can take Mathematics 10C and then choose which path they want to take, either Mathematics 20-1 or Mathematics 20-2, in Grade 11.

5 Credit Course- Recommended Prerequisite: 55%+ in Mathematics 9

Mathematics 10-3

This course sequence is designed to provide students with the mathematical understandings and critical-thinking skills identified for entry into the majority of trades and for direct entry into the work force. Topics include algebra, geometry, measurement, number, statistics and probability.

5 Credit Course- Prerequisite: 40% in Mathematics 9

Mathematics 10-4 & 20-4

This sequence is for those students who are experiencing difficulties with mathematics. This course will give students some insight into why and how mathematics is needed in everyday life. Everyday situations are used to help understand mathematical ideas. Permission to transfer to Math 10-3/20-3 is subject to the recommendation of the Math 10-3/20-3 teacher.

5 Credit Course- Recommended Prerequisite: 60% in Science 10, 60% in Math 10C

Mathematics 20-1

This course stream is for students who wish to study math or sciences at a university, college or technical institute and go on to a related career. Topics include permutations and combinations, relations and functions, sequences and series, and trigonometry.

5 Credits course - Recommended Prerequisite: 65% in Math 10C

Mathematics 20-2

This stream is for students who wish to attend a university, college, or technical institute after high school, but do not need calculus skills. Math 10-2 is designed with a great deal of flexibility, so that the student can switch sequences in Grade 11 or 12 if his or her interests change. Topics include relations, functions and equations, probability, statistics and trigonometry.

5 Credit Course- Prerequisite: 50% in Math 10C

Mathematics 20-3

This course meets the needs of students wishing to enter most trades, or workforce after high school. It is designed to meet the entrance requirements for apprentices in most trade programs. Math 20-3 topics include finance, statistics, spatial/proportional/logical problem solving and trigonometry.

5 Credit Course- Prerequisite: 50% in Math 10-3

Mathematics 30-1

This course completes the Math 10C, Math 20-1 stream of study.

5 Credit Course- Recommended Prerequisite: 65% in Math 20-1

Mathematics 31

This course provides students with the opportunity to pursue a first course in calculus. Pure Math 30/Math 30-1 should be taken as a prerequisite course.

5 Credit Course- Pure Math 30/Math 30-1 is the prerequisite for Math 31

Mathematics 30-2

This course completes the Math 10C, Math 20-2 stream of study.

5 Credit Courses- Prerequisite: 50% in Math 20-2 or 50% in Math 20-1

Mathematics 30-3

Most apprenticeship training programs in Alberta will recommend students successfully complete Mathematics 30-3.

5 Credit Course- Prerequisite: 50% in Math 20-3 or 50% in Math 20-3