Fitness & Performance

Students will explore the world of athletic performance and training with fitness specialist Mr. B.J. Melle. The course is offered as a module-based CTS course and a hands-on experience in guided intensive training and conditioning sessions using a variety of different training methodologies. The course focuses on anatomy & physiology, physical & mental athlete training and nutrition education. Students transition between classroom instruction to school fitness areas, gymnasium, and outside sports fields.  The course is offered each day during one semester.


Fitness & Performance I

REC1040: Foundations for Training 1 - 1 Credit

Students  apply basic  training  and movement  principles  to  health-related  and performance-related  components of fitness training.  Students create fitness activities and develop a basic individual fitness plan to achieve goals for health-related and performance-related components.

Prerequisite:  None

REC2010:  Nutrition for Recreation Activities and Sport - 1 Credit

Students explain the role of food and hydration in helping individuals achieve optimal physical performance for recreational activities and sport.  Students acquire knowledge and skills to plan effectively for nutrition and hydration related to a variety of recreational activities  and  athletic events.   Students examine food labeling and the role of recreation leaders and coaches related to promoting nutrition for performance.

Prerequisite: None

REC2040: Foundations for Training 2 - 1 Credit

Students demonstrate training and movement principles related to muscular and cardiovascular development as well as the development of speed, agility, quickness, and flexibility. Students apply safe practices when leading and participating in training exercises and activities.

Prerequisite:  REC1040: Foundations for Training 1


Fitness & Performance II

REC1050: Sport Psychology 1 - 1 Credit

Students assess the impact of mental fitness on optimal sport, artistic and/or academic performance and motivation.  Students examine and demonstrate strategies to strengthen mental fitness, including relaxation, visualization and positive self-talk.

REC2045: Training for Core Muscles - 1 Credit

Students evaluate their core strength and resistance training knowledge and skills based on peer and   instructor feedback.  Students will demonstrate their understanding and benefits of safe and effective   core strength training. 

REC3015: Flexibility Training - 1 Credit

Students explore and demonstrate various forms of flexibility training in relation to development of training programs.